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About us


We're a group of business-minded dreamers who are turning our fantasies into reality. We love being our own bosses and love the excitement, challenges, and risks associated with running our own business. We've put Figgs together because fashion is more interesting than mining and being outdoors beats working 9 to 5 in a fluorescently lit office 5 days a week.

Figgs is our brand new love child and we’re currently operating from home. We can often be found having a chat over a hot coffee whilst enjoying an ocean view. Yes, we do love to brag about our beach-side lifestyle. But anyway, enough about who we are. Let's talk about what we do.


We handpick a wide range of apparel and accessories that are specifically designed for you (and us), the outdoorsy urbanites. Our mission is to bring you a great selection of the coolest gear and gadgets that are well-suited for all sorts of outdoor interests you and your mates may take up.

We believe in being spontaneous; pack a bag, hop in your ute and head out for a quick trek somewhere one Friday arvo!

Celebrate being young, alive and free!

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