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Why wandering?

Posted on 06 November 2016

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At my previous job with an outdoor retail company, one of my daily tasks was to search for quotes; quotes that related to outdoor adventures, travelling, hiking and whatnot. In so doing, I came across a heap of quotes from an astounding number of nomads out there, stating the reasons why they loved travelling so much.

Some believe travelling is the best way to educate themselves, some just love encountering new everything (new food, new culture, new places), some enjoy meeting strangers, and others just basically can’t stay in the same place for too long. I personally think travelling is indeed the ultimate route to cultivating knowledge and experiences; and changing oneself for the better. It isn’t so much about unwinding and escaping the daily grind as it is about wanting to know what else is out there.

Travelling has become the most desirable way of life. Travelling for a living is what most of us can only dream of and a few of us has succeeded in making that dream come true.


Now let’s face the truth!

Not everyone is game enough to throw themselves out there, regardless of the unknown, and find their own way around the many confusing languages, unfriendly people and disappointing landscapes to then kick back and say “well, at least I’ve learnt something.” As such, nomads who travel and blog for a living have become not only great inspirational stories but also resourceful depositories of guides and advices much needed by others who’d love to explore the world but aren’t confident enough to just wing it.



Understanding that some of us can’t just set out on a trip without peace of mind, reassurance and information from those who have experienced it firsthand, we’ve established this Wanderers blog as a platform where travel bloggers or photographers share their journeys with us all. Stories and news on this blog are results of the collaboration between us and these bloggers. Shoot us an email if you’re interested in collaborating with us.

#onetoexplore is our chosen Instagram hashtag to present stunning photos captured by our wanderers throughout their adventures.

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