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Why You Should Live By The Sea

Posted on 01 October 2017

1.     Everyday feels like a weekend

kayaking on the sea

Most city-dwellers look forward to the weekends so they can pack their bags and head out for a 1-hour drive to the beach. If you already live there, every day is a holiday.

2.     You’ll love all the peace and quiet

peace and quiet of the sea

Cities are busy, big or small. That’s where corporates lease their offices, universities are built and apartments grow like mushrooms to cater to individuals who feel the need to live in close proximity of just about everything. Unless you’re highly tolerant to noise, traffic and crowds, life’s easier when it’s spent by the sea.

3.     You can afford more than 2 bedrooms

affordable apartment

If you have a standard job that can’t pay for your dream yacht but can afford you some nice pairs of runners, living comfortably in a 3-bedroom apartment isn’t quite out of reach.

4.     The awe-inspiring scenery is readily accessible

sunset scenery

Quite unarguably, beaches are among the top awe-inspiring and most photographed sceneries there are. Living by the sea gives you ample of opportunities to place yourself in front of these spectacular views any day of the week.

5.     Weekends’ nights out are less experience


Who says you can’t enjoy the buzz and fusses of the urban nightlife if you live by the sea? Pubs, clubs and dance floors are increasing in every nook and cranny, offering you much less expensive options for your social gatherings.

6.     Your front yard is your camping ground

campfire on the beach

If you live by the sea, camping is the exclusion of tiring and taxing road trips. Lighting a campfire, cracking a 6-pack open and immersing yourself in the heart of nature has never been so easy.

7.     You get to over-indulge yourself

girl going surfing

If your all-time favourite hobby is fishing or surfing, living by the sea is an absolute indulgence that most city-dwellers can only dream of.

8.     BBQs and picnics are awesome

picnic on the beach

What’s better than BBQs and picnics? It’s BBQs and picnics on the beach. The beauty of life by the sea is the readily accessible parks with overgrown trees and BBQ joints.

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