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We Are Finally Open

Posted on 17 October 2016


After a few months of planning and fidgeting around with a little notepad, some excel spreadsheets and tonnes of emails, we have decided to ‘just do it’ (by Nike).

This venture of ours, a team of two, has finally been launched for all the outdoors lovers out there to get some cool and interesting gadgets for their adventures. We are new still and the business is 100% bootstrapped, so please go easy on us guys! We’d highly appreciate your support. In saying that, we’d still love to receive constructive feedbacks from you regarding our products, website or service. Feel free to send us a note any time you like, even just to say hi.



Our core product ranges include apparel, fashion accessories and equipment. Visit our store for a quick browse.

Besides, if you discover some great products that you can’t get your hands on for whatever reason, feel free to send us a message and we’ll see if we can help you out.



We have been so lucky as to have had a few brands on board without having to put on a sleek suit, a pair of shiny shoes and go through a 3-hour presentation full of projected figures and promises. These partners of ours have been so patient and understanding all along, helping us move forward with the least amount of obstacles and a great deal of support.

Please see below for the lovely people we have befriended with:



You can find a number of topics here on our blog including Journal, Wanderers & Inspiration.



This is where we keep records of all things wonderful that has happened and will happen to us. It’s pretty much like your diary, just not filled with pretty hand-writing but with some cold hard font instead. It’s not as though we had lovely penmanship anyway so we’re more than happy to stick with our keyboard.

It is here that you’ll learn more about any new range of products we plan to introduce, new brands we’d like to partner with, new members who join our team, and any special events as a result of your ongoing support.



This section is dedicated to our adventurous ambassadors, or potential ambassadors, to share exciting stories of their travels or any gorgeous hidden spots they have discovered. Here you can find some top-notch combos of photography and story-telling skills that would absolutely blow your beautiful mind.

We’re always on the lookout for collaboration with the nomads around Australia, who know the country like the back of their hands yet still think that they haven’t seen it all. We want to advocate the beauty of living on a gigantic island filled with surprises from Mother Nature in every corner that lay hidden, waiting for the next explorer.

If you’d love to wander and tell, team up with us, benefits await!



This is where you’ll find some lovely, awe-inspiring stories of achievements and passion among our generation.

You are young, alive and free. Whatever you want, you pursue with all your hearts. And when you finally get there, there’ll be nothing more exciting than an eager audience waiting to read your stories, to find out how you can do what you’re doing so well, and to know where they can start to achieve such great things themselves.

Whether you’re an artist, a designer, a carpenter, an engineer, or anyone with a burning desire and determination to build or create wonderful things, share with us your stories to inspire others and prove that anything is possible.

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