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Mae Nguyen - Enjoy the Ride

Posted on 25 October 2016

A bit about Mae

Mae is from Sydney, Australia. We came across her stunning artworks on Instagram. With more than 56,000 followers, her profile stood out as a typical inspirational story of achievement through continuous practicing and self-improvement. She was absolutely friendly and eager to help us out with our first post for the Inspiration series.

Mae’s impressive fan base increased rapidly not long after she had created an account on Instagram. This has come as no surprise to us for her calligraphy skill is simply mind-blowing and her choice of words and quotes indicates a rather bold and approachable personality.

Her calligraphic artworks are so uniformly brilliant and beautiful it’s just mesmerizing to watch. “Enjoy the ride” is one of Mae’s works that we have used as title to represent her art and story.


 calligraphy artist

Mae Nguyen | Sydney (v). to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

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We have conducted a rather informal interview with Mae to get some insights into her inspiration and how she has earned such a great number of followers (56,000+) on Instagram today. If that’s what you’re holding out for, keep on reading!


When did you decide you wanted to create art?

I've always wanted to create something when I was young. I started to take up calligraphy when I was 17 but it wasn't until I was 20 that I realised I’d love to create art for a living.


What was your inspiration or motivation?

I was inspired by other artists’ profiles on Instagram and the influence of their works on the audience. I then opened my own account and started posting my works daily. As a result, I’ve become better and better at this form of art and my audience have grown quite quickly.


Are you currently creating art for a living?

No, I’m currently working in a legal firm as a legal secretary. However, it’s definitely my hope that I can create art for a living in the future.


Art is sacred, but creating art for a living isn’t easy as not everybody recognizes the value of the effort and time you put into it. How would you go about making a living from it?

Entrepreneurship is my life goal. It would be amazing to have a stationery line of my own and incorporate my artworks into the concept to create a brand name that would stand out from other competitors. I believe this would also offer so many opportunities for me to develop and grow as a person; and I’m currently working towards this goal, one step at a time.


Do you believe that some people are just born with talent or is talent something that anyone can cultivate?

I’m a firm believer of "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." A bit of talent can definitely help but nothing is impossible with a never-ending passion and a bit of hard work. Education is highly accessible. You can learn literally everything from the internet in this day and age. With an achievable goal and determination, I believe you can achieve anything.


How did you first start out on Instagram & how long did it take for others to start recognizing your work?

I started working on my Instagram account in February 2016 after this one post I’d submitted to a competition on the channel. My work was then noticed by other users and my audience started to grow rapidly. My initial goal was to reach 1,000 followers by 2017 but I'm now sitting at 56,000+ followers and couldn’t be happier.


Can you share with us 3 of your artworks that you are most happy with?

calligraphic art on instagram

This piece was one of my very first pieces and it took me a very, very long time. I used regular A4 copy paper, a straight pen holder and a Nikko G Nib which I purchased on eBay. I found this quote on the internet randomly and was inspired by the quote itself. I used my words to resemble a hurricane.


calligraphic art on instagram

This was created using a Pentel Aquash brush pen, regular watercolour paints, 180gsm watercolour paper and a fineliner marker. My inspiration came from the movie Suicide Squad and the special effects used in it.


A video posted by Mae Nguyen | Sydney (@maeraki) on


This was created using a Pentel Aquash brush pen, regular watercolour paints and 180gsm watercolour paper. One day, I accidently squeezed a water droplet out of my pen and I kept doing it and for fun I decided to blow on them, creating a "splashing effect" I then thought "what can I create from this?" and this is how I came up with this exploring bomb piece.


What is your message to any of us who wants to create art but don’t believe that we’re good enough?

Art is subjective. I create art because it’s a form of expression. With each piece, you’ll get better at expressing what you want and grow more accomplished at the art itself. If you want to create art, just do it!


Figgs’ favourites of Mae’s works:

calligraphic art on instagram  calligraphic art on instagram calligraphic art on instagram
calligraphic art on instagram data:text/mce-internal,article-content,%3Cimg%20alt%3D%22calligraphic%20art%20on%20instagram%22%20src%3D%22// calligraphic art on instagram



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