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HTech: handcrafted wooden bikes

Posted on 01 November 2016

custom wooden bikes

HTech Bikes is based in Perth, Western Australia. Their wooden bikes are handcrafted using locally sourced hardwood timber.


Why wooden bikes?

Leveraging the strengths of both Carbon and Wood materials, HTech Bikes has handcrafted some of the finest wooden bikes. They use wood as a material of choice for frames as it’s naturally strong and highly durable. On the technical side, they’ve incorporated a great number of other technologies into the engineering of each and every part of these wooden bikes to enhance the on-road performance. Additionally, wood, with its great vibration absorbency, would ensure a great level of comfort for the riders.

On the visual side, wood has long been universally seen as to have a rugged and luxurious look about them. By default, things just look better made out of wood. If you like a wooden case for your iPhone, imagine a wooden bike for your daily rides. It may be slightly heavier than a carbon bike, but if you’re into something unique and tailor-made to your own personal fit and preferences, it can be as much a personal statement as a tattoo.

‘Nuf said! We’ll just let these photos speak for themselves:

custom wooden bikes

custom wooden bikes

Additional information

You can check out HTech Bikes website if you’re keen to learn more about the following information the technology, the selection and ranges of materials; frame building process; and benefits of wood used in handcrafting bike frames.

custom wooden bikes

For consumers

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these bad boys, you should find sufficient guidelines on their website for suggested price list based on different compositions of features and parts. You should also consider the following factors: 

1. Lead time

As each one of these bikes is handcrafted, lead time would vary depending on the type of customization you require. Follow this link for further information on lead time, custom building, shipping and a bit more details on the specifications and durability of the wooden frames.

2. Ordering online

If you’re not a local and you want to purchase from HTech Bikes, you’ll need to fill out an order form. Alternatively, there’s a contact number on the website if you would like to learn more about the product and custom orders.

3. Warranty

Like all good service and retailers out there, HTech Bikes does provide a great level of warranty for their products. Peace of mind guaranteed! Check out their warranty program here.



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